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» Introduction

The College of Security & Engineering was established in February, 2010. The primary objectives of this college are to cultivate students with both theoretical and practical skills, humanities, social responsibilities, and global awareness. The college focuses on the most important industry areas, particularly the security technology, offers corresponding academic programs. The aim of the college is to educate students to become future high-tech engineers.

The college consisted of one graduate school and six departments as follows:

  1. Graduate school:Graduate school of Opto-Mechatronics and Materials
  2. Departments:
    (1)Department of Mechanical Engineering
    (2)Department of Electrical Engineering
    (3)Department of Fire Science (including a Master Degree program)
    (4)Department of Security Technology & Management

Most of the four departments have 4-year and 2-year programs. They also have daytime, evening, and weekend programs. The college has well qualified faculty members, approximately 70 % of them hold doctoral degrees in the areas of their specialties, and all faculty members hold one or more professional certificates or licensees. To meet the teaching and research demand, the college has complete sets of equipment, comprehensive design and analysis engineering software, and well-equipped experiment facilities in each department or graduate school.